Raindance Family Vacation Cabin and Retreat Center
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The Raindance Cabin is a great place to hold a small group retreat.  The cabin has plenty of space to for small groups to gather in the living room area, the kitchen or the porch. 
If large space is needed, special arrangements can be made by contacting us. We have larger rooms and areas that can be used for Group Exercises, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Etc.
We have a Labyrinth on site that is set up in a very private wooded area for walking meditation. 
We have many beautiful places to walk and reflect by streams, our waterfall or by walking on a trail.
There are 3 other 1 bedroom cabins available for retreat participants who wish for more privacy. If you have an idea for a retreat and need help getting leaders or setting it up, contact Rebecca at  828-622-9569. She is experienced in running and leading retreats.

What is a Labyrinth, you ask? Just scroll down for the answer.

What is a Labyrinth

A Labyrinth is a path that symbolizes our journey home. Unlike a maze, it is not meant to trick or fool, for there is only one path to the center and out again. It engages the right side of the brain. It is simple and uncomplicated unless we choose to make it otherwise.

Some believe the ancient cultures created such a path to replace the long pilgrimages to their Spiritual homelands which they were unable to take due to distance or war. Others believe the simple geometry of a labyrinth to be a way to break the "path of anxiety, worry or pain" and allow us to relax and meditate more fully.

Our Labyrinth use the Cretan Labyrinth design. This design was found on Cretan coins dating the  2nd century BC.

Our Labyrinth is located in a very private area of the woods. It is one of the only places on our property where you can truly find complete silence, as you cannot here the waterfall in this secluded little hollow. However, you may here the rustling wings of the grouse that live there, or the screech of an owl or a hawk.

Feel free to enjoy this labyrinth that Tom and Rebecca made. It is intended for peace.